How to Find S & J

Sullivan and Johnson Ltd. chose to open their new office in the 1420 Renaissance Drive building in Park Ridge, due to its central location, convenient parking and easy elevator and disabled access.  With the vast majority of their clients living or working in the Northwest Suburban and Chicago area, establishing an office which was convenient for their clients to reach was an easy decision.  
Directions to Sullivan & Johnson are simple:


In Park Ridge:  Take Northwest Highway North just past Potter Rd.  Just off of Northwest Highway on your left, is an open area for parking with multiple driveway entrances to give you convenient access to the 1420 Building.  You enter the building on the first floor and should take the elevator to the second floor.  Proceed to Suite 205.


Via I-294:

From the North:  Proceed South on I-294.  You will exit at Golf Road.  This exit will let you out onto East River Road.  The first traffic signal on East River Road is Golf Road.  Proceed straight through this intersection, staying on East River Road, until it dead ends at Ballard Road.  At Ballard, turn right (heading West).  The next traffic signal will be Rand Road.  Turn left on Rand Road and proceed South.  The next traffic light will be Dempster St..  Proceed straight through the intersection and Rand Road will become Northwest Highway.  *Proceed as Italicized below.


From the South:  Proceed North on I-294.  After you pass the Touhy Ave. toll plaza and the Touhy Ave. exits, the next exits North are the Dempster St. exits.  The second of these exits is the West Dempster exit.  Exit I-294 onto west bound Dempster.  As you exit West, you will go under I-294.  The traffic signal immediately after the toll road is Rand/Northwest Highway.  Turn left onto Northwest Highway.  Proceed as Italicized below.


From Des Plaines:  Either take Minor Street (East) to Rand road and turn right.  Or if you are already on Rand Road, proceed South on Rand, crossing Minor and *this will become Northwest Highway in Park Ridge.  After you proceed under I-294, a series of office buildings will begin on your right.  The fourth drive way you come to will be the main entrance to Renaissance Office Center and this is Renaissance.  Proceed into the office complex and turn left.  Follow the Roadway to 1420.  You enter the building on the first floor and should take the elevator to the second floor.  Proceed to Suite 205.

Photo Courtesy of Google Earth:

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