Specialized Areas

Through their many years of experience, Sullivan & Johnson have developed knowledge and expertise in the following specialized areas.


Construction – We have had the privilege of working with many construction contractors over the years.  This has allowed us to become familiar with the many specific tax and accounting issues that contractors encounter.  This includes training and working with contractors on their specific job accounting whether they follow completed contract or percentage of completion.  We have also developed expertise in the specific tax issues contractors face.


Manufacturing – Sullivan & Johnson can help manufacturers monitor and control their costs.  This can be achieved through improvements to accounting systems in the areas of expense allocation and inventory tracking.  We have the knowledge from working through these issues with many manufacturing clients.  We has pride ourselves on staying updated on the many tax deductions and credits available to manufacturers.


Property management and development – This area is always changing from the issues faced by developers and property managers to the tax and accounting options available.  Through our extensive continuing education and work with clients, Sullivan & Johnson remain in tune with the industry.  We have experience helping individuals with one rental unit to partnerships involved with large developments.


Complex partnership transactions – The flexibility afforded partnerships can create very complex accounting and tax situations.  We have dealt with these complex situations.  Our approach is to analyze the situation and make recommendations that create the best results for both the partnership and the individual partners.  Sullivan & Johnson feel that viewing the entire picture is the key to handling these complex partnership transactions.


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